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“Modi Govt Trying To Divert Attention”: Rahul Gandhi On Women’s Reservation Bill

Parliament. After Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha also gave its approval to this bill late last night. Now on this, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi said that the Modi government is trying to divert attention. The government should implement women’s reservation today itself. 

He said, if the government has to implement the bill then it should do it now, why delimitation for this? Women’s Reservation Bill can be implemented from today itself.

Rahul said, at first it was not known why this special session was being called, then it was found out that it has been called for women’s reservation. The Women’s Reservation Bill is good but we got two footnotes that census and delimitation need to be done first. Both these works will take many years. The truth is that reservation can be implemented today itself…it is not a complicated matter. 

Raising questions, he said that no one knows whether this will be implemented or not. This is just a diverting politics. 

While demanding reservation for OBCs, Rahul Gandhi said, “The Prime Minister says that he is working a lot for OBCs. If he is doing so much work for these people then why are only three out of 90 people from the OBC community? OBC is controlling only 5 percent of India’s budget. When I asked a question in Parliament whether the OBC population in India is 5 percent, they responded that we have representatives in the Lok Sabha, but what does this have to do with it?

He also said, “As many OBCs are there in the country, they should get as much participation. The PM did nothing for the OBCs. Why only 3 OBC secretaries out of 90?”

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