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Money Embezzlement Forging SDM’s Signature In Karbook. Food Inspector Dismissed

Food Officer namely Gunaram Malsam of the Food Department Government of Tripura has been arrested for embezzlement of Rs 13 lakh 14 thousand by forging the signature of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

After one year, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate took action. Finally, after a case was registered against the food officer in the Karbook police station, the food department dismissed this accused food officer from his job.

As soon as this incident came to light, there is quite a stir in Karbook Sub-division.

Food Inspector Gunaram Malsam was in-charge of food department of Karbook sub-division under Gomati District.

In addition to the in-charge of the office, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Partha Das gave him the duty of cashier. And by making use of this opportunity, a year ago, he embezzled lakhs of rupees from the treasury and put them into his account in a crooked way.

Allegedly, Food Inspector Sheram Molsom, instead of paying the commission of 30 Ration Dealers of Karbook Subdivision of the three months from last August, September and October 2022, this amout transferred into his account.

The question is, where it is not possible to take even a single rupee from the government treasury to anyone’s account without the signature of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate , how could the food inspector cheat the ration dealers and take a huge amount of commission to his own account?

According to tje reports, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate had issued a total of five checks in the said three months including forwarding to pay commission to the accounts of 30 ration dealers as per rules. But now after the whole matter came to light, it was found that the forwarding done by the Sub-Divisional Magistrate and those five checks were not deposited in the bank.

Instead, four checks were made by making a fake accounts of Gunaram Malsam and a check is credited to the account of a ration dealer Bijay Jamatia.

The money has been easily embezzled by forging the signatures of the Sub-Divisional Magistrate on the forwarding copy and five cheques.

Here the question is also raised about the role of Karbook branch of Tripura Grameen Bank. How did the bank authorities transfer so much money from one account to another where there is a stark difference between the forged signatures on the checks and the specimen copy deposited with the bank?

So are bank employees involved in this scam? Only a proper investigation can reveal it. The most surprising thing is that even though the scam took place a year ago, Sub-Divisional Magistrate Partha Das did not even noticed it.

Even in the last one year the ration dealers have not claimed much for their due commission.

Finally, after the food inspector Gunaram Malsam went on leave, the whole matter came to light when the ration dealers placed a deputation to the SDM for their due money.

When asked about this, Food Inspector Onram Muslim admitted his crime and promised to return the money soon to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate.

But in the last one week Sub-Divisional Magistrate Partha Das tried to contact Gunaram Muslim through phone but failed.

As a result, the Sub-Divisional Magistrate filed a case against Food Inspector Guram Malsam at Karbook Police Station .

After registering the case, the police started investigation of the incident.

Meanwhile, the account of the ration dealer, who was given Rs 55,000, deposited the amount in the government treasury on Friday morning.

On Friday morning, it was reported that the Food Department has dismissed the accused Food Inspector Gunaram Malsam from his job.

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