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Monsoon Officially Departs From North East India

Monsoon i.e South West Monsoon departs this year. Monsoon has departed officially from Northeast India including Tripura on Tuesday.

Monsoon’s departure started from Rajasthan on September 17. It ends on Tuesday from the Northeast.

Every year monsoon enters the country through Kerala on or before June 1. Two branches of monsoon spreads from Kerala.

A branch runs directly towards north. The other branch enters the land through the Andaman Sea and the Bay of Bengal along the coast of Myanmar.

Then it started moving towards Delhi through North-Eastern part of India, Bangladesh, West Bengal.

The two branches of the monsoon meet near Delhi. During this time, due to the influence of monsoon, a lot of low pressure is created in the sea and due to its effect, there is a lot of rain in the country.

In the Bengali seasonal cycle, Ashad- Shravan is a two-month rainy season, but weather-wise, June to September is a four-month rainy season. Monsoon usually departs between October 7th and 15th in Tripura. Monsoon has departed on seventeenth this year with normal rainfall. As a result, it is expected that the days of Durga Puja will be cloud free.

At the same time it is observed that the mercury is slowly falling. Frost in the air at night. The fog is starting to fall.

Dewdrops are visible on the grass in the morning. The maximum and minimum temperature recorded on Tuesday was 33.2 degrees and 22.2 degrees respectively.

The weather office forecasts that the temperature may remain almost the same on Wednesday.

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