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Month Over: GBP Authority Yet To Handover MRI Report To Patient

Allegation of serious dereliction of duty have been made against the medical staff working in the MRI department of the main referral hospital GBP.

One woman did not receive a report even after a month of MRI. The incident is unbelievable but true.

 In such incidents, questions have been raised about the responsibility of the authority of the GBP Hospital.

According to the report a woman from Jaipur area of capital Agartala underwent MRI at GBP Hospital on May 27. The family also paid Rs 4000 also for the MRI Scan.

According to the rules, the report should be handed over to the patient or his family shortly after the MRI. 

But despite repeatedly contacting the MRI department by that patient, she is not getting her report.

She questioned why her report was not being given. 


They went to GBP hospital for 8-9 days after paying money for MRI, but did not get the report. 

There has been a demand for immediate and proper investigation of the incident and strict action against the involved in dereliction of duty. 

If action is not taken against those involved in such irresponsible activities in an important place like GBP Hospital, there may be questions about the medical services of the entire hospital.

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