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In present day it is observed that because of proper moral development lots of violence and crime are committed. Although we have always heard that making people educated is the best way to improve the society to remove all the ill ailments existing from the decades and the purpose of education is to make the people social being ,but the stats show that 30% of people involved in crime are highly educated,while the remaining have some basic education. From the very starting we expect our children become successful in various field but never think about whether he/she will be a good citizen of the society or not,as we assume that they will be the one with good values in their heart.The education system has failed to provide the moral values of the people.This part of the education which had the Top priority in the past has now lost its value.And it has become quite boring. There have been so many cases where teenagers have been found involved in murder ,theft, rape and other criminal activities.We never think that why the students who are getting education are involved in crime.The removal of moral education has done all these things.Even if it is being taught in some education institution,but the authorities don’t pay any attention to it.Even parents are not much interested in making their children study or learn moral values as they​ so consider other things more important like getting their children involved in sports computer and technology. So firstly parents should given important to moral values or moral education then it will be possible to grow in children mind.For example when the affectionate mother threaten the disobedint and misbehaving child that she would withdraw her love from his or sleep separately the child is most likely to develop high conscious.Identification based on fear of loss of love of an otherwise affectionate and caring parent leads to appearance of conscience and morality.But if the mother is cold and less caring to the child withdrawal of affection has no effect on the conscience development of the child.He cannot be controlled by withdrawing something which rarely exists. According to Sears and Maeoby children had well development conscience when their mother were relatively warns toward their misbehave. Actually morality refers to obeying the instructions of family members,group,and society,to go by social norms rules and regulations.i,e not to behave illegally.For such behaviour the entire society is benefitted and in the absence of it the whole society is destructed leading to social disorganization. With the development of morality a person can distinguish between right and wrong, justice and Injustice,legal and illegal ,honest and dishonest,truth and lie and their repercussion on the society.A value oriented honest person will no be dishonest.He will not go against law and legal sanction. Now the important question is how to develop morality or what is the process of moral development,so regarding this matter we can say that boys with accepting father are more likely to develop strong conscience than boys who are rejected by their father. Socialization process also helps in the moral development of the children,home environment and school environment play the bital rule in developing morality but besides these electronic media like newspaper books and journals influence the morality of the child, particularly when attitude develops out of an experience it has lasting and permanent effect on moral development. Imitation and advise also helps in moral education.Parenting style child rearing practices , conduct of parents and teachers can promote moral development.

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