Moscow Declares ‘Mission Failed’ As Russia’s Luna-25 Crashes On The Moon

Russia’s moon mission Luna 25 mission has failed. Along with Chandrayaan 3, Russia’s Luna 25 mission also flew to reach the lunar surface. 

Both had entered the orbit of the Moon. Now a bad news has come for Russia. 

Russia’s first moon mission Luna 25 has failed while trying to enter the pre-landing orbit. 

According to the news agency ANI, it has crashed on the surface of the moon. Significantly, Luna 25 was launched by Russia on 10th August 2023.

Russia’s space agency Roscosmos had informed about the unusual situation on Saturday evening. 

According to the space agency, there were some technical glitches during the pre-landing of Luna 25 in the lunar orbit. 

For this reason the pre-landing attempt has been unsuccessful. According to a telegram post by Roscosmos, during pre-landing, an unusual situation started on the automated station. It has not allowed pre-landing with pre-specified parameters. 

On 21 August, the Luna 25 mission was expected to attempt a soft landing on the lunar surface. 

Luna 25 was to land near the Boguslavsky Crater of the Moon. This crater is located on the south pole of the Moon. 

Significantly, in June, Roscosmos President Yuri Borisov told President Vladimir Putin that the success rate of the mission is only 70 percent. 

Earlier, Russia had installed Luna 25 lander in the orbit of the moon. This proved to be a milestone in the space history of Russia.

Luna 25 was to stay on the moon for one year. During this it had to collect samples. Along with this, the assessment of the soil was also to be done. Cameras have been installed on the lander, which had already sent pictures of the Earth and the Moon from space. 

Significantly, Russia had decided to pursue its lunar mission without the help of western countries. 

After the Ukraine war, the European Space Agency announced that it would not participate in any joint mission with Moscow.

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