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Motha-BJP Direct Clash In Jampuijala. Several Including OC, Constable Injured

On Monday, Jampuijala under West Tripura District took the form of a battle ground centering the workers conference organized by the BJP Takarjala Mandal. 

There is widespread vandalism. Things get heated within minutes. 

According to the details of the incident, a workers conference was organized at Jampuijala Bukhrui Community Hall by BJP.

State BJP President Rajib Bhattacharya was present in this conference. Clashes broke out between BJP and Tipra Motha activist supporters after the conference ended. 

When the BJP workers left for home after the meeting, Tipra Motha activist and supporters chased them to attack . 

At that time, BJP workers and supporters formed a counter-attack. Several people were injured. Several bikes and scooters were vandalized. 

A woman of the area said that she closed the shop after seeing the dire situation. But miscreants broke her scooty. The miscreants were holding the BJP flag. They came in a car and a bike. 

Another woman said some bricks were stored in front of her house. The miscreants took that brick.

They are all BJP supporters. They were talking about shooting someone.

Meanwhile, Tipra Matha MLA Biswajit Kalai rushed to the spot after the incident. He said that this incident was completely pre-planned by the BJP. Police is also working for BJP. 

He also said that the police arrest Tipra Matha party workers without any reason and take them to the police station. In the name of organizational program on this day, the BJP workers themselves have organized the attack by the name of Tipra Motha .

In this incident, several supporters of both parties, including the OC of Takarjala police station and a police constable has been injred.

The injured were taken to Takarjala Hospital. A large police force was later deployed in the area. There is currently a lot of tension in the area. 

The BJP and the Tipra Motha have criticized each other over the incident. 

State BJP President Rajib Bhattacharya said, the miscreants attacked, but the workers of resisted and reached in the meeting. 

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