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Mullapara Durga Puja: Festival Of Both Hindu And Muslim Gives Message Of Communal Harmony

Mullapara is a peaceful township in Bitterban area of ​​Agartala, Tripura. Both Hindu and Muslim communities live in this area.

They share joy and regrets of each other. As part of this, everyone participates in the Eid of the Muslim community and Puja of the Hindu community.

As usual, this year too the autumn Durgotsav has been organized by the local Tular Math Universal Durgotsav Committee.

And in this committee there are people from both Hindu and Muslim communities. All of them are working with each other from making the pujamandap to organizing the puja.

Puja committee said everyone living in the area lives together. This puja is being organized here since 2003. The people of both the communities do all the work together from collection of donations to making mandap. This prayer is offered to the goddess so that people of all section and religions are be happy.

He also said that not only Durga Puja, but also fasting, Eid, Mahfil, Shyama Puja, Ganesh Puja are performed simultaneously by local residents in this area. They share joy in these festivals.

Raju Mia, member of the puja committee, said that most of the residents of this area are poor. But no one spares any effort to organize Durga Puja. Everyone works tirelessly to collect donations, organize puja with labor and time. Not only Durga Puja, but all other religious programs celebrate together to make the festival a success.  

From this puja, the residents of the area give a message to the people of India and the world that wherever they are, everyone should come together in unity and enjoy the festival together. Happiness is the greatest debt in life. So let everyone join in the joy of everyone.

The puja committee, also said that Durga Puja and Mahfil have been organized here jointly for the last 21 years. People of all religions participate equally in these program. 

Besides, he urged the government and said that almost everyone here is poor. Financial capacity is very limited, this puja is organized with own efforts. These harmony arrangements could have been better organized if government grants were available. So in the coming days, the government should extend its hand of support.

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