Murkhon Ke Sardar: PM Modi Sudden Attack On Rahul Gandhi 

There is an election atmosphere in the country. The attacks of leaders on each other have become sharper and more intense. The toughest contest is between BJP and Congress. The dates of assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Telangana are coming closer.

With this the political temperature has also started rising. In public meetings, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s target is the policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the Central Government.

 So, PM Modi is also leaving no stone unturned to retaliate. With the election date approaching, the Prime Minister has suddenly become more attacking on Rahul Gandhi. It is not very difficult to understand this from the PM’s speech during the election rally in Betul, Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

During this, he made a big attack without taking the names of Rahul Gandhi and Congress leaders. He said that the ‘Sardar of Fools’ has the mental illness of not seeing the achievements of the country. It is not very difficult to understand where he was referring.

Voting for the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh is to be held on November 17. Then voting will be held for the assembly elections in Rajasthan on 25th November.

Voting for the assembly elections in Telangana is on November 30. As the voting dates approach, attacks on each other have also increased. Well, the series is not going to end here.

After the announcement of election results in five states on December 3, preparations for the Lok Sabha elections next year will gain momentum. As the elections approach, the frequency of attacks will increase again.

From the opposition side, Rahul Gandhi is considered the biggest rival of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He constantly attacks the policies of the PM and the Central Government.

Election rallies are the most suitable platform for the PM to answer Rahul. Now when the election clock has started ticking, the PM has also put all his strength into the attack. PM is reaching public meetings in support of BJP candidates in Madhya Pradesh.

While addressing one such public meeting in Betul, Prime Minister Modi, without taking his name, took a dig at a statement made by Rahul Gandhi recently.

He said that yesterday a ‘Mahagyani’ of Congress was saying that everyone in India has a made in China mobile phone. Hey leader of fools, in which world do you live? Congress leaders have developed the mental illness of not seeing the achievements of their country. Whereas, the truth is that today India is the second largest manufacturer of mobile phones in the world.

Prime Minister Modi made fierce attacks
regarding the state assembly elections. The Prime Minister said that as the date of 17th November is coming closer. Anyway, the moves of Congress leaders are getting exposed. Today we are getting reports from all over MP that Congress has accepted defeat and has left itself to fate.

He did not stop here. He further said that this election is to give double engine speed to the development of Madhya Pradesh. This is to give new opportunities to the youth and women to move forward. This is to keep the claws of Congress’s loot and corruption away from Madhya Pradesh. Congress has accepted that the false promises of Congress cannot stand even for a moment in front of Modi’s guarantee. Modi’s guarantee means guarantee that the guarantee will be fulfilled.

The PM also accused Congress of neglecting the tribals. He said that Congress gathered votes from the tribal community for decades. But, Congress always kept the tribals away from facilities like roads, electricity, water, hospitals, schools. Whatever promises Congress makes, it never fulfills. Last time, these people could not fulfill the promise of loan waiver till one and a half years after the government was formed. On the other side is the BJP which tries to do more than what it promises.

Referring to the initiatives of BJP, PM Modi said that there is a place for tribals in our heart. Therefore, when the opportunity came, BJP respected your pride. Understand your feelings. That’s why Draupadi Murmu, a daughter born in a tribal village and born in a poor family, is today the President of the country. Leading the country. The BJP government is building grand memorials of tribal culture and tribal fighters across the country. Congress never remembered the tribal heroes. The Central Government is also going to launch a very important scheme of Rs 24 thousand crore for the development of tribal society on the Tribal Pride Day, the birthday of Lord Birsa Munda.

Regarding the party’s resolution letter, the Prime Minister said that Madhya Pradesh BJP has issued a wonderful resolution letter for every region and every section. This resolution letter is the development letter of the people of Madhya Pradesh. BJP’s guarantee of Eklavya residential school in every tribal dominated block, a medical college in every tribal district, permanent houses along with financial assistance to the beloved sisters, MSP of paddy and wheat for the farmers is being appreciated all around. Accusing the Congress, the Prime Minister said that the Congress leaders have become distraught seeing that defeat is certain. They have started threatening government employees and officials. He appealed that government employees and officials of MP need not be afraid of threats from Congress. They should keep working honestly.

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