“Namaste from Bharat”- EAM Jaishankar Addresses In UNGA

Union External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, while addressing the United Nations General Assembly, started his address by saying ‘Namaste from Bharat’. 

He said, “Namaste from Bharat (Hello from India).” After this thunderous applause was heard. 

Jaishankar said in UNGA that change is necessary in UNSC. He said that tension in the world can be reduced only through diplomacy and dialogue.

During his address, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said, “India feels its responsibility. There should be change in the world’s financial institutions. There should be change in UNAC. The world is facing a period of turmoil. Only diplomacy and dialogue can reduce tension. Hunger and poverty have to be eradicated from the world. There is conflict going on in many places in the world. There is a big challenge before the world.”

He said, ”G-20 summit was recently concluded in India. The world faces the challenge of development. India is doing everything first”

The External Affairs Minister said, “India’s vision of One Earth, One Family, One Future seeks to focus on the core concerns of many nations and not just on the narrow interests of a few countries. The days gone when some nations would set the agenda and expect others to accept their views. There are still some nations that shape the agenda and want to define the norms. This cannot continue indefinitely” ​​he said

He said, “The inclusion of the African Union in the G20 should also inspire the United Nations to modernize the Security Council.”

He said, “Coming out of the era of non-alignment, we have now developed the concept of ‘world friend’.Is it?”

The EAM said, “Because of India’s initiative, the African Union has got permanent membership in the G-20. By doing this we gave the entire continent a voice, which it has deserved for a long time. This important step should motivate the United Nations, which is an even older organization, to modernize the Security Council”.

Jaishankar said, “We have to restore trust with our success. Covid has had a different impact on the world. The world faces the challenge of sustainable development. There is inequality in the world. There is more pressure on developing countries”

Foreign Minister S Jaishankar also indirectly targeted China and Pakistan during his speech. “Market power should not be used to divert food and energy from the needy to the rich, nor should we support that political convenience dictate terrorism, extremism and violence responses,” he said. 

“Similarly, cherry-picking cannot be practiced in the form of respect for territorial integrity and non-interference in internal affairs. When reality eludes rhetoric, we must have the courage to expose it…” he added.

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