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Narendra Modi Will Be The Prime Minister Again In 2024: Biplab Deb

“Narendra Modi will be the Prime Minister again in 2024.  Modi should be strengthened, India should be strengthened. Only then Dhanpur will become strong” MP Biplab Kumar Deb said this while campaigning for by-elections in Dhanpur on Monday.

Bye-elections in two centers in Tripura are to be held on September 5. In this by-election, BJP is campaigning stormily in both centres. Every day, the BJP party is campaigning extensively in support of the party candidates from Dhanpur and Boxanagar . 

The Chief Minister of the state is also not left out. He is also joining the campaign. MP Biplab Kumar Deb was present in the campaign centering the by-election in Dhanpur on Monday. 

On this day, he campaigned for the BJP nominated candidates in a public meeting in Dhanpur. He said that the people of Dhanpur have historically won Pratima Bhowmik in the 2023 assembly elections. But she is the only woman from the state who has been a Union minister. So She had to resign from the post of MLA. 

However, Biplab Kumar Deb has expressed hope that the candidate Bindu Debnath will also win from Dhanpur. 

He also said that the development of the people of the state can only be done by the Modi government. 

He said in the center Pradyot Kishore Debbarman can go to meet Amit Shah with the various demands of the people because there is a BJP government. 

However, Biplab Deb claims that there is no reason to think that the BJP will win the election because the Tipra Motha party has not fielded a candidate in the by-election. 

According to him, the ruling party alone will win the elections with huge votes.

Political parties are campaigning extensively in Dhanpur and Boxanagar centers of the state focusing on by-elections. It is not worth saying that BJP is ahead of the campaign. 

Apart from this, preparation for the Lok Sabha elections in the state are also going on in tandem with the by-elections, which is also evident in the campaign of the ruling party. 

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