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National Highway Blocked For Social Pension In West Tripura District

Social pension recipients blocked Agartala Khowai National Highway demanding their pension. 

The siege took place in Hejamara on Friday afternoon. Pension recipients complained that they are not getting social pensions for several months. 

It is alleged that there was no benefit even after informing the officials about this. Finally, the pension holders blocked the road.

It is alleged that the pension recipients of Hejamara block area are not getting regular social pension . They have already informed the officials of various departments starting from the local CDPO regarding the demand of this social pension . 

But even after that regular social pension did not start, finally the agitation turned towards the movement. With the help of locals, the pension jolders blocked the road in the Hejamara area of ​​the Agartala Khowai National Highway on Friday. 

Among these are Old age pension , Disability pension, widow pension.

Their demand was that the national highway will be free only if they get the guarantee of regular social pension.

On the other hand,thousands of long-distance commuters stuck on the national highway in Hejamara under West Tripura District due to road blocked.

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