National Logistics Policy Should Be Implemented Properly

Infrastructure expansion is the basic requirement for the all-round development of the country. 

Along with this, safe and fast transportation of goods is also very important. 

To ensure this, finally the country has a National Logistics Policy laid down. 

This policy has come true after long discussions. 

Government has underlined that this policy is the result of eight years of work.

Logistics includes all those things that are helpful in industrial production and distribution, such as planning, warehousing, moving workers and other resources from one place to another.

Due to no clear policy in our country so far, the share of logistics expenses in GDP is 14 to 18 percent, while in good economies this figure is around eight percent. 

With proper compliance of this policy, we can reach that level in 2030. 

The second aim of this policy is to include India among the top 25 countries in the Logistics Performance Index.

Today we are the fifth largest economy in the world. To make the road ahead for development smooth, we become a developed nation and India has a significant presence in the global supply chain, it is very important to focus on logistics to realize such objectives. 

This will reduce the cost of transportation of resources and will also create employment opportunities in a big way. 

Our country has resources in different areas, but there is a difference in the pace of development.

The expansion of logistics related infrastructure will create opportunities for development everywhere. 

The use of technology is expected to ease the implementation of this policy. 

There are many things that, if not delivered to the market early, get spoiled. The increase in the cost of transportation also affects the prices. 

Its biggest victims are rural people and urban low income group and poor.

To some extent this can be expected to be resolved. 

This policy is currently being implemented and with time there will be appropriate amendments in it. 

But at the initial stage, attention should also be given to related skill development and medium enterprises.

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