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Navami Celebrated Without Blood-Shed At Durga Bari Tripura,On Sunday

Every year on Maha Navami after the puja, buffalo calf sacrifice at Agartala Durgabari takes place as traditional ritual. Last year due to High Court Banned animal sacrifice had been stopped at Durgabari. Later by order of apex court animal sacrifice resumed. At Udaipur Tripura Shundari Tample animal sacrificing regularly. But in Durga Bari this year also navami celebrated without any blood-shed for the consecutive year. Durgabari puja is basically Tripura’s royal family’s puja. After the merger of Tripura with India, the government has been sponsoring the Puja in the Durga Bari temple for the last 70 years. “Covid19 pandemic changes all the traditional rituals” says one of the prists.

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