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Need Sufficient Nurses In The Hospital: MS, GBP

There is a shortage of nurses compared to patients in GBP Hospital, MS Shankar Chakraborty of the hospital said in a weekly press conference on Thursday. 

He said that even if there is a shortage of nurses in the hospital, the service does not stop, but the speed of the service is very low. 

He said that patients can be served on time if there are sufficient number of nurses in the hospital.

 But patients are not being served on time due to lack of sufficient number of nurses. 

He said since the process of recruitment of nurses has started, this has been requested to the government that hundreds of nurses to be posted in GBPHospital. Then some nurses can be provided in super specialty department . 

He also said that nurses can be provided in different departments. He also said that 100 nurses were appointed during the Corona pandemic . Those who were recruited at that time had just joined the duty after completing nursing courses. But they are not experienced enough to perform duties in the wards. Therefore, they were kept as assistants during the pandemic , said MS, GBP Hospital . 

It is also known through the press conference, It is observed that the number of liver failure is visiting the hospital. A brain stoke rate of 35 percent is also observed among patients. However, liver failure and heart disease are more common in people aged 36-45 years. Similarly, the number of kidney related problems increases between 26 to 35 years. 

It is also known through the organized press conference that there are two medicine wards and two ICUs. 

But doctors said that there is only one medicine ward for women at present. Deputy MS Kanak Chowdhury and other doctors were also present in the press conference.  

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