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NERAMAC To Open Counter At Sabroom, Sonamura, Agartala Railway Stations

‘Northeast Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation’, NERAMAC’s organic and natural retail counter was inaugurated at Horticulture Office Complex near Paradise Chowmuhani in the capital Agartala.

Agriculture Minister Ratan Lal Nath inaugurated it. In this counter from organic and fresh vegetables to various types of fresh fruits grown in the state and natural products produced by various self-help groups will be available.

Speaking at the program , the minister said that currently around twenty thousand farmers are involved in organic farming in the state. Before the BJP government, organic farming was only on 2000 hectares of land. It has increased 900 times in five and a half years after the BJP government came to power.

There is now a huge interest and demand for organic and natural farming products all over the world. Of late, its spread has also started in our Tripura.

According to a statistic of the State Agriculture Minister Ratanlal Nath, in the last few years, there has been an increase from 2000 hectares and now twenty thousand hectares of land are being cultivated in organic farming system,

In the inauguration ceremony, the Minister of Agriculture also said that since 2011, the pace of NERAMAC’s work has slowed down a bit, but now it has started again with great enthusiasm in the whole state. Even the pineapple processing plant in Nalkata, which started NERAMAC’s operations in the state, is also being considered to what extent it can be revived. The work will start this year.

Referring to the position of India in the context of organic farming, Ratanlal Nath said that India currently ranks fourth in the world in terms of organic farming. Pineapple, fragrant rice, pepper, turmeric, Ginger is being cultivated. All sorts of steps have been initiated to take it further. As a result of this effort of the government, the interest in organic farming is also increasing among the farmers. Currently more than twenty thousand farmers are involved in some form of organic farming. It opens up new possibilities. 

“32 MT of this processed maize is ready for export” he said.


Along with this marketing center, mobile sales center has also started on this day. In the car you can find various kinds of things starting from fruit juice, tea, ginger, turmeric, jam-jelly. 

Commodore Retired Commodore Rajib Ashok, Managing Director of NERAMAC was present on the occasion. 

He said that apart from this outlet, there are currently marketing centers in Arundhatinagar, Sub-Divisional Magistrate office and Akhaura land port. 

Such marketing centers will also be opened at Sabroom, Sonamura and Agartala railway stations soon, he informed.

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