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NF Rail To Run Festival Special Train In Tripura Till 26th October

North East Frontier Rail to run Durga Puja special passenger train in tripura till 26th October. For Agartala to sabroom route there is 3 DEMU train. Every day these puja special train will left agartala for sabroom from 5.15 AM, 10.50 AM and 17.30 PM respectively. Similarly there is also 3 train for Agartala to Dharmanagar. These puja special DEMU train will left agartala for Dharmanagar on 6.30 Am, 10.30 Am and 17.45 PM respectively. There is also one pair of puja special DEMU train to run in Sabroom to Dharmanagar and Dharmanagar to Sabroom route daily till 26th October.

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