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NHM Tripura: Deprivation Continue In Pay Hike. Discontent Among Employees

This is like a house on fire. Where the news of salary increase is supposed to increase satisfaction, and where there is extreme dissatisfaction among the employees.

Surprisingly, this has been the reality in the case of NHM workers working in Tripura. There are rumors that soon the employees will again approach to the Chief Minister of the state regarding the issue of deprivation.

According to them, everything that has happened has been arbitrary and with the interests of a handful of employees in mind.

Allegedly, apart from the annual five percent increment, they are not getting any salary increase.

Over the years, extreme dissatisfaction is seen among the various working staff. Even before the 2023 general election due to the increasing level of anger, employees approached to CM Saha.

CM assured them on that time and after forming the government for the second time, he also took necessary initiatives in this regard. A letter was also sent to the NHSRC by the Head of Mission regarding the increase in staff salaries.

The NHSRC accordingly sought the details of various staff working in the state. According to the complainants everything was fine till now.

According to the report, for NHM, Rs 20 crore was sanctioned for salary hike after sending the details to the employees. Which is supposed to increase the salary of a total of 2,120 staff working in the state.

But in reality, there has been no change in the salary structure of 69 staff. In the employees’ circles, strong reaction seen in this regard. It is also learned that the increase in the salary of a total of 2,051 other people, including community health officers, is also completely arbitrary.

In spite of having the same qualifications, the salary has been increased by 2000 in some places and 5000 in some places. Why would this happen?

In this case, the names of two influential managers who were appointed in the left period are also rumored in the employee circles. It is alleged that the matter of changing the structure regarding salary increase of the employees has been finalized with them.

The level of anger is intensified when the workers have to digest various threats from the responsible boss like the secretary.

They said that there is an unwritten decree in the employees’ section that the deprived employees will be given termination letters only if they open up about their deprivation.

In fact, just six months ago, one of his sons was appointed as MO in NHM Tripura branch. And in the meantime, the secretary made an effort to increase his son to a salary with good grades.

In other cases which is quite incomparable. It is also alleged that Rs 20 crore has been allocated for salary increment but only Rs 16.79 crore has been increased.

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