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NHM Tripura: Govt Forms Review Committee After Announcement Of Pay Hike

Jobs were not regularized as promised. After five years of increment in the salary of government employees, the salary increase of the contract officers and employees of the National Health Mission NHM has been announced in Tripura.

But surprisingly, the government has set up a committee to review the salary hike decision like a cap on a turban.

DK Chakma, director of the state wing of the health mission, constituted the review committee and issued the order.

Five people have been kept in this committee under the leadership of Jagdish Nama. In this order, the Mission Director has practically admitted that not everyone’s salary has been increased. The committee has been asked to look into the issue of salary increment for these employees.

Meanwhile, allegations have been raised that the salary of the health secretary’s doctor son has been increased by Rs 10,000 violating the rules.

Salaries and allowances of Health Mission employees were regularly increased earlier. Apart from the annual increments, when the DA was announced for the state government employees, the salaries of the contractual employees would also increased.

But this trend changed after the formation of the BJP-PFT coalition government in the state. The ruling party promised regularization of employees after coming in power. This promise has not been fulfilled even after the tenure of one government. In October 2018, the government increased the pay factor by a small amount in pay metrics. The salaries of the employees of the Health Mission also did not increased. The Union Health Ministry has provided funds to increase the salaries of State Health Mission staff. Still, the state government wastes a lot of time in file manipulation. Month after month, year after year, files moved from Health Mission headquarters to Secretariat .

9 months ago Health Secretary Debashis Bose’s son joined Health Mission as MBBS. Unprecedentedly only one doctor was taken in his batch. The posting was given at Urban Health Center at Nandannagar. There is no salary increase rule in health mission if you don’t work for one year. The health secretary’s son has been given a pay rise before he completes one year of service.

According to sources, the salary of the son of the health secretary will also be increased, so the file may not be withheld this time. The salary of the health secretary’s son has also been increased by Rs 10,000 under the guise of ending the deprivation of health mission workers.

But it did not end here. Although the salary hike was announced on September 11, it was not announced that day. On September 14, R&P’s memorandum came out.

On the same day, the committee was announced by the Director of Health Mission to review the ROP announced. These two government decrees on the same day have created a joke.

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