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No Advance Salary Or Puja Bonus This Year? Resentment Among The Employees, Businessmen

Durga Puja Festival to commence from 23rd October. But till now no indication of advance salary for the government employees. Naturally there is no Puja Bonus also. For long time it has been a tradition that tripura government employees received their salary in advance if puja festival starts after 20th of month. This year Durga Puja festival sarting from 23rd October officially. But till now there is no green signal from state government for advance salary. Alreday corona effects our life. Puja festive brings some refreshment. But if there is no money than how can we make happy our family members?” asks Shubhankar Debnath, an employee. “If government employees not get advance salary than how can they buy for puja. Ultimately we are in loss” said Ratan Saha, one of the garment merchant of agartala.

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