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No Ambulance: 2 Month Old Baby Died In Unakoti Hospital

A two month old baby allegedly died due to lack of proper treatment. The baby, son of khirodchera Machmara was admitted with breathing problem in Unakoti District Hospital on the intervening night of Wednesday and Thursday. The attending medicos immediately referred him to GBP hospital as there was no any child specialist to attend the ailing baby. The father a day labour who had Rs 200 only could not meet the instruction of the attending physician and felt it better to stay at Unakoti District Hospital. Early in the morning the baby breathed his last. Rajkumar Das alleged even the hospital authorities didn’t manage an ambulance for the baby. Farther he said he too failed to afford the expenditure of his son as he had only Rs 200 in his possession. As the baby was critical that’s why he was referred to GBP Hospital, said the Unakoti District Hospital sources.

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