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“No Change In Poll Schedule. Don’t Spread Rumors” : CEO Tripura

“State assembly elections will be held according to the pre-announced scheduled. Don’t share incorrect link so that wrong messages do not reach people” said Chief Electoral Officer of Tripura Kiran Gitte. 

He said this at a press conference on Friday. He also said that elections will be held in the state on February 16. 

Chief Electoral Officer Kiran Gitte said that the polls will be taken on the day as announced by the National Election Commission on January 18.

He said that no change has been made in the election schedule. The Chief Electoral Officer urged not to spread rumors about this.

” A candidate has to create a separate account one day before submitting his nomination. It can also be a joint account. Last date for submission of nominations is 30th January. But before that, the bank to be closed for two days. Candidates may find it difficult. The matter was taken up by the National Election Commission” said CEO.

“In this case, the National Election Commission has said that this rule has been relaxed only for this election. Candidates can submit their bank account on 30th January. Candidate can open a bank account and submit nominations to R O on Monday. Candidates can use election money from this account” informed Gitte. 

He said that this step has been taken so that no one gets inconvenienced. 

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