No Confidence Motion: Shah Retaliates Opposition

During the discussion on the no-confidence motion in Parliament, on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi called the government the killer of Mother India on the issue of Manipur violence. 

In response, Smriti Irani has condemned the opposition for clapping on the murder of Bharat Mata and reminded of the atrocities on women in captivity during the Emergency era, the suppression of Kashmiri Pandits and the 1984 Sikh riots. 

After this, while speaking on the motion of no confidence in the House, Union Home Minister Amit Shah also retaliated against the opposition. 

Amit Shah said that since independence, 27 no-confidence motions and 11 confidence motions were presented in this House. Many times, in the event of the government losing its majority, the members of the opposition in the House bring a no-confidence motion. Many a times, during big public agitations, no-confidence motions are brought to reflect the sentiments of the people. This is such a mistrust, in which neither the public nor the House has any mistrust towards the Prime Minister and the cabinet. Its purpose is to create confusion among the public. I just want to tell them (the opposition) that when you bring the no-confidence motion, you should have at least raised some issues against the government in the discussion on it. 
He said that I listened to the entire speech carefully. After this, I have definitely come to the conclusion that this no-confidence motion has been brought only and only to create confusion. This is not a reflection of the wishes of the people. There is no question of minority because so far those who have spoken against the motion of no confidence and the support shown by the House tells that there is no question of minority and there is faith in the people because 60 crore poor people of the country have been given their If any government or Prime Minister has communicated new hope in life, then Narendra Modi government has done it. 

The Home Minister said that I also roam around the country and go among the public. I have interacted with the public at many places. There is no glimpse of disbelief anywhere. After independence, people have maximum faith in any one government and any one leader, then it is in Narendra Modi’s government. NDA was elected twice with 2/3rd majority. After 30 years, the people of the country did the task of giving a stable government with absolute majority twice. After independence, the most popular Prime Minister is Narendra Modi. I do not say this, many surveys around the world say this. 

He said that after independence, if there is any Prime Minister who works for 17 hours out of 24 hours without taking a single leave, then it is Narendra Modi. After independence, if there is any Prime Minister who has traveled maximum kilometers and maximum number of days in every state of the country, then it is Narendra Modi. Some governments run for many years. The Congress government lasted for 35 years. But there are 2-4 decisions which are remembered for ages. The Narendra Modi government took more than 50 such decisions in 9 years, which are epoch-making decisions, which will be written in golden letters in history. 

Amit Shah said that for almost 30 years, the politics of this country has been suffering from canker of corruption, family and appeasement. Indian democracy was beset by these three canker sores. Narendra Modi ji promoted politics of performance by removing corruption, familyism and appeasement. Today development decides the decisions of the public. But even then corruption has survived to some extent, familyism is visible and politics of appeasement is also going on. That’s why Modi ji gave the slogan, ‘Corruption quit India, nepotism quit India, appeasement quit India.’ 

He said that the no-confidence motion is a constitutional process. Whatever may be the objective of the opposition, it is their right. We have no objection. This exposes the character of parties and alliances. No-confidence motions came several times. I would definitely like to mention three. Two were against the UPA government when we were in the opposition and one was against the NDA. In 1993 there was Narasimha government. There was a proposal against him. Narasimha had to remain in power by any means. Narasimha won the no-confidence motion. Later many people were sentenced to jail, Narasimha Rao was also included in this. Because the proposal was conquered by bribing the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha. Today Congress and Mukti Morcha are also there.

He said that in 2008 the Manmohan government came up with a motion of confidence. The environment was such that it did not have a majority. The most stigmatizing incident was witnessed at that time. MPs were given bribes worth crores of rupees. Some MPs came before the House and sought protection. However, then the government was saved. The character of UPA is such that no-confidence motion comes or confidence motion has to be brought, to avoid this, all the principles, character, law and tradition have to handle the power.

There was the Atal government in 1999. No-confidence motion came. What the Congress did, we too could have done. The government could have been saved by giving bribe. But we didn’t do that. Atal Vajpayee kept his point and said that the decision of the Parliament should be accepted. The government went away by just one vote. Couldn’t we have saved the government like UPA? Could have saved but many times the character is exposed at the time of proposal. The character of Congress is of corruption. On the other hand, BJP is going to do politics for the principle of character. Vajpayee’s government went but the next time he won with a huge majority and became the PM.

Shah said that the Congress gave the slogan of removing poverty. But poverty remained the same. But Modi understood the problem because he had seen poverty. PM Modi gave toilets to more than 11 crore families in 9 years. People used to drink chloride containing water. Modi brought water to the homes of more than 12 crore people through Har Ghar Jal Yojana. The Congress used to give lollipops to waive the loan, while the BJP’s agenda is that the farmer should not have to take the loan.

Shah said that Nitish Kumar made fun of us when we came up with Jan Dhan Yojana to open bank accounts. That the account has been opened, what will you put inside, at least get it sown. Nitish Babu listen to us. Opened 49 crore bank accounts in which 2 lakh crore are deposited by the poor. The money of more than 300 schemes of the Central and State Government goes directly into these accounts. Why these people were opposing the Jan Dhan Yojana, it is a matter to be understood. The leader (Rajiv Gandhi) who was the PM during the UPA regime had said that I send Re 1 from Delhi but only 15 paise reaches. He accepted this because he was a true man, he had just entered politics. But now I ask further that who used to take 85 paise. Those who were opposing Jan Dhan used to take this money. 

Amit Shah further said that Congress said everything but did nothing. BJP did it.

Talking on Corona, Amit Shah said that during the Corona period, Akhilesh Yadav and Rahul Gandhi told the public that this Modi vaccine is not to be taken. But the public reposed faith in Modi and got all the doses installed. Shah said that the lockdown was also opposed. The opposing parties said that what will the poor eat if the lockdown is imposed. But we also imposed lockdown and did not keep the poor hungry. Gave free wheat to 80 crore people. 

Shah said that the opposition parties may have no faith in Modi but not the people of the country. He is with Modi.

Targeting Rahul Gandhi, he said that there is such a leader in this House who was launched in politics 13 times. Every time his launching failed. He had one such launching from the Parliament. That leader went to the house of a poor mother Kalavati (Bundelkhand, Mahoba) for food. Then described his poverty in the Parliament. After that there was a Congress government for six years. But did nothing for that Kalavati. Narendra Modi did the work of providing house, electricity, gas, grains, toilet, health to that Kalavati. The Kalavati whose house you went to have food, she too has no faith in Modi.

Speaking on the security of the country, Shah said that during the UPA government (2004-14), terrorists used to enter from across the border and take away the beheaded soldiers. No one used to answer. Twice in our government, Pakistan dared. Both times (surgical and air strike) entered the house of Pakistan and eliminated the terrorists. Most of the scams happened in the defense sector in the UPA government.

Further referring to China, Amit Shah alleged that such was the situation that our cannons could not reach the Chinese border. The road was not even made, he used to keep looking at the map. But Modi and Rajnath Singh took the road to the last village of the border, to the first village of India.

The Home Minister said that PFI was working for many years to break the country and sow the seeds of terrorism. On September 22, PFI was banned by raiding more than 90 places in 15 states and sent them behind bars. We banned PFI across the country. The criminals who have fled around the world are brought back today. We came back after picking up the terrorists who had committed 9 heinous acts of NIA from all over the world. Bring back Sachin Bishnoi, accused of Sidhu Musewala’s murder. Bombay bomb attack accused Rana was also brought back.  

He said that three big hotspots are considered for the internal security of this country. One is Kashmir, the other is the area of ​​left wing extremism and the third is North East. Congress government was there for years and it continued. Today I want to say that the problem of Kashmir was due to vote bank politics and turning a blind eye to the problem. The problem of Kashmir was the wavering attitude of the governments. Since 2014, there has been a change in our policies inside Kashmir. Rajnat Singh from 2014 to 2019 and now I am to become the Home Minister, since then work has been done to make Kashmir free of terrorism under the leadership of Modi ji. 40 thousand people died in Kashmir. 

In the middle of the speech, the Home Minister retaliated on the rhetoric from the Congress. During this, he told the Speaker of the Lok Sabha that I request that Congress has not given time to Adhir ji, give him half an hour of our time. He speaks in between because his party has not given him time. Our Parliamentary Affairs Minister will not oppose this request of mine. 

Prime Minister of this country Narendra Modi took the epoch-making decision to bring changes inside Kashmir. Article 370 was a mistake of the Jawaharlal Nehru government. On 5 and 6 August, this great house abolished Article 370. With this, two flags were removed from Kashmir, two constitutions were abolished and the entire work of integration of Kashmir with India was done. 

Shah further said that he had seen the report of an NGO associated with the opposition. It was written in it that to solve the problem, discuss with Hurriyat. Discuss with Jamiat, discuss with Pakistan. We will not discuss any of these. If we discuss, we will do it with the people of the valley. They are our own. Now the funeral of any terrorist is not taken out in Kashmir, because the one who is killed is buried there.

The opposition says it believes in democracy. But it would have looked at who ruled Kashmir. Kashmir was ruled by three families. Mehbooba Mufti, Farooq family and Gandhi family. But no one got the panchayat elections conducted. The NDA government got it done in 2018-19. Shah said that the incidents of stone pelting have also reduced now.

Shah said that in this very Parliament, the opposition parties used to say that if Article 370 is removed from Jammu and Kashmir, rivers of blood will flow. But no one has the courage to throw pebbles there because it is Narendra Modi’s government. 

Left Wing Extremism was considered a hotspot. It also decreased. The scope of the Left was Jharkhand, Bihar, Odisha, MP, Maharashtra, Telangana and Chhattisgarh. Today Jharkhand, Bihar, MP, Odisha, Maharashtra, Telangana have become free. Only Chhattisgarh is left. The Modi government is doing the work of cracking down on left wing extremism. That’s why I say that you may have a motion of no confidence, but the people of the country have faith.

Talking about the North East states, Amit Shah said that now there has been a decrease in violent incidents there. Many development pundits say that the airport has been reached in the North East, the distance has reduced. Rail has reached, distance has reduced, roads have been built, distance has reduced. But the distance is not with them, it is less by meeting the heart. He further said that there have been such PMs in the country who did not visit the North East even once during their 15-18 years of tenure, yet the opposition parties are proud of them. Whereas PM Modi has gone to North East more than 50 times in 9 years. Narendra Modi ji has done the work of connecting the North East with the mind and India. 

Talking on the no-confidence motion, Amit Shah said that I agree with the opposition that there has been an orgy of violence in Manipur. We are also sad. The incidents that happened there are shameful, but doing politics on it is even more shameful. An illusion was spread that the government did not want to discuss Manipur. We were ready for discussion from day one, the opposition wanted ruckus, not discussion.

People have to understand the racial violence in Manipur. There is a BJP government in Manipur for almost six years. Curfew did not have to be imposed there even for a single day. Militant violence is almost over. In 2021, there was a change of power in neighboring Myanmar. There the democratic government fell and the rule of the military came. Meanwhile, the Kuki Democratic Front started a movement for democracy there. Then the army there started putting pressure on them. In such a situation, Kuki people started coming to Mizoram and Manipur as refugees from there.

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