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No Electricity Since Last 3 Weeks In Tirthamukh. Locals Blocked Road

The people of Tirthamukh New Gomati Village area, the source of proposed Gomati hydropower plant, joined the road blockade on Thursday demanding electricity.

High officials of electricity corporation reached the spot to deal with the anger of the people who were deprived of electricity service for three consecutive weeks.

Sub-divisional administration is also became active. The protesting people were assured of quick action to solve the problem. People returned home after the assurance.

Roads, electricity, drinking water. Common people’s anger is spreading across the state about basic services. People deprived of services are protesting by blocking the roads.

” In the last 5 years, the government of double engine has not brought anything but trouble in life” This is the perception of the agitating people.

According to the repoet people of Ramanand Das Baishnavpara of New Gomati ADC Village have been cut off for the past 3 weeks citing bad transformer. People demanded installation of new transformers and were refused.

It was during the Left Front government that the production capacity of Dambur Hydro Project was increased from 8 to 12 MW. But the people of this area have been deprived of electricity for a long time.

On Thursday, People started protesting by blocking Jatanbari-Tirthmukh road. Vehicles stuck on both sides.

After receiving the information , the officials of the sub-divisional administration and Electricity Corporation reached the spot.

Later the road was cleared after 4-5 hours with the assurance of the administration.

Notably a 130 MW floating power plant will be built around Dambur reservoir. This campaign has been going on for the last few years.

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