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“No Faith In CBI, Agency Trying To Put Blame On Us” Hathras victim’s Family

While the family of Hathras rape and murder victim are allegedly unhappy with the line taken by the premier probe agency CBI into the case, the Lucknow Bench of Allahabad High Court has asked the CBI as to when would it will wind up the case. As per sources close to the Hathras victim, the family is allegedly not satisfied with the direction in which the probe is being done by the CBI. While interacting with an 11-member delegation of People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) on Wednesday, the brother of the victim claimed that the CBI had asked him directly if he had killed his sister on September 14. However, he claimed that he vehemently denied having any role in the incident. He rather said that seemingly the investigation agency was probing the case on the lines of “honour killing”. The rape victim’s brother reportedly told CBI that he if had done so, he wouldn’t have taken her to police station to lodge a complaint about it. He allegedly reasoned it out with the probe agency saying if he had to kill his sister, he would have done it at home and not in open fields. The victim’s brother made the revelations pertaining to his questioning by the CBI to PUCL team. Notably, the CBI team had grilled the victim’s brother on Wednesday in Boolgarhi village. The CBI had given impetus to its probe as it has to give the status report of the investigation to the Allahabad High Court on November 25. Seema Azad, senior PUCL activist, claimed while talking to media persons that the victim’s family allegedly had no faith in the CBI probe. Azad claimed that the victim’s kin felt the way the CBI was grilling them might lead the probe on lines of “honor killing”. The activist said that the family had objections over the line of investigations taken by the CBI.

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