No Opposition Front Is Possible Without Congress: Jairam Ramesh On TMC-Samajwadi Party’s Third Front

Congress leader Jairam Ramesh in an interview gave his opinion on the issues of Congress in Parliament and TMC-Samajwadi Party’s Third Front. 

He said that no opposition front is strong without the Congress. No matter how many fronts you form, it is necessary to have Congress in them.

On the other hand, regarding parliamentary proceedings, Jairam said that the opposition should be allowed to speak in the parliament. This is the foundation of democracy, but we are not allowed to speak at all. 

He said these things in the interview given to the news agency PTI.

Jairam said that meeting of TMC, Samajwadi is not a big deal. People keep meeting like this, fronts keep forming. Third Front, Fourth Front, Fifth Front will continue to be formed but it is necessary to have Congress in the opposition. 

He said that if the opposition organization is formed, then the role of Congress will be important in it. No opposition front is possible without Congress.

“And it is too early to form a front for the 2024 elections. Right now there are elections in Karnataka, then there will be elections in Telangana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan, Mizoram. In 2023, we will be busy with state elections. Will see about 2024 later. Now the meetings will continue to happen” he said.

“How will democracy survive if the opposition is not allowed to speak? If there are no short duration meetings, if we are not allowed to give notice of motion adjournment, if we are not allowed to discuss Adani issue, China, economic issues then how can you call democracy?” asked Ramesh.

“The first rule of parliamentary democracy is that the opposition will keep its opinion and the ruling party will work according to its own. We know very well that there are very few MPs in our upper house, but our problem is that the government does not even allow us to speak our mind” he added.

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