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No Re-Enrollment In Ayushman Bharat Scheme In Tripura: Poor Are In Trouble

There is no scope of re-enrollment the name of the real poor in the Ayushman Bharat scheme in Tripura. Due to which many poor people are deprived of the opportunity of this project.

Only those who were in the poor list in 2011 census are getting the opportunity. But there are many beneficiary poor people who are entitled to avail the benefits of Ayushman Bharat scheme. However, they are alleged to be victims of deprivation year after year.

Due to which poor people have to sell their houses to get medical facilities.

After the BJP-IPFT coalition government came to power in 2018, then Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb announced the launch of Ayushman Tripura scheme keeping in mind the real poor who are deprived of the Ayushman Bharat scheme.

But the announcement ended in smoke. Till date no initiative is seen to launch Ayushman Tripura scheme. As a result, those who were deprived during the previous government are still accused of being deprived. The real poor are seen in different hospitals. No money in hand.

Due to not being named in the Ayushman Bharat scheme, they are not getting various government facilities. Those who have Ayushman are getting medical benefits up to Rs five lakh per year.

On the other hand those who have PG card, they are also deprived of various opportunities. PG ration card holders are getting rice Rs 2 per kg at ration shop and free rice during covid period. But those who have BPL card are getting facilities in government hospitals as well as students are getting facilities from various government educational institutions.

But just as PG card holders are not getting any facilities from hospitals, their children are not getting any facilities from government education. Not even from institutions. Due to which many poor people have been deprived for years.

But no facility is being provided by state government or central government to generate Ayushman card.

The people demanded that PG ration card holders should be given facilities from government hospitals, educational institutes as well as new enrollment in Ayushman scheme.

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