No Social Security Of Non Permanent Employees’ Nothing But A Great Risk From Socio-Economic Point Of View

The concern of NITI Aayog regarding the social security of non permanent employees working in the service sector is justified. 

The commission in its report has suggested to the government that the social security of lakhs of people working in the service sector should be ensured. 

This initiative of the commission is important because crores of people in the country are engaged in small temporary jobs and work. 

The influx of such people is also not much. A large number of people are working on daily wages. The working hours and risks are there.

 And the biggest concern is that these workers do not have any kind of social security like pension, medical facility or other similar facility.

In such a situation, employers sacked them anytime. No insurance facility either in case of misery, illness or accident, there is no medical facility anywhere.

can’t even get a vacation when needed.  Their salary also deducted where scope is available. The job is not fixed, so pension or gratuity has no meaning. 

Obviously, getting a job in such difficult conditions and insecurities is not easy. 

In this situation, if the attention of NITI Aayog has gone on the welfare of crores of people, then it is also commendable.

The population of such workers is increasing rapidly in India who do not have a permanent job. 

This condition is not only in the service sector but also in other sectors. Anyway, there are crores of people working in the unorganized sector who work for very little wages and do not even have access to government welfare schemes. 

Therefore, it is also the responsibility of a welfare government to ensure the social security of the persons doing any kind of work or job. 

But the irony is that a large part of the population is forced to live without social security.

NITI Aayog has clearly stated in the report that non permanent employees working in the service sector should be given benefits like leave without deduction, leave during illness, medical facility, insurance and pension and gratuity on retirement. 

The important thing is that the commission has given this suggestion at a time when the governments are not only cutting such essential expenses provided to the employees, citing the financial burden, but are also taking steps to stop them.

Significantly, the service sector plays a major role in the economy. Many other sectors like tourism and hotel industry are also associates with it. The service sector has expanded in the last few years. 

New areas of employment also emerged within two years during the Corona pandemic. Most of them includes those who supply all kinds of items including food to the homes.

Companies like Ola, Uber established work in the transport sector and gave employment to lakhs of people. This type of employment has increased more in cities. 

One thing is that even educated youths are in huge numbers in such jobs. 

NITI Aayog estimates that by the end of this decade, the number of such workers in the country will reach 25 million. 

In such a situation, if such a large population will be forced to work without any social security, then it will be like pushing people at great risk from socio-economic point of view.

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