Non-Payment Of The Land Price: Owner Barricades The Akhaura-Agartala Railway

Shahanur threw trees and barricaded the Akhaura-Agartala railway due to non-payment of the land price, which is awaiting for inauguration.

On Sunday (August 13) noon, he barricaded the railway line with trees in Shibnagar area of ​​Akhaura in Brahmanbaria Bangladesh. Shahanur is a resident of Shibnagar area.

The Akhaura-Agartala railway, which is almost 90 percent complete, is scheduled to run an experimental train on August 22. 

Then in September, the Prime Ministers of the two countries will inaugurate the much-desired railway.

Shahanur complained that some parts of Akhaura-Agartala railway line fell in its ownership.

 In the Shibnagar area bordering India, 26 percent of its land has been laid railway lines without acquiring.

Although the construction of the entire railway is about to be completed, he yet to get the value of the land. As a result, he was forced to barricade part of his land with a tree fence along the railway line.

Engineer Ripon Sheikh of Akhaura-Agartala railway project contractor company Texmeco Rail and Engineering Limited said that we do not have any work going on in the part where the barricade has been provided. Originally, when we started working in September 2018, Shahnoor was abroad. He did not get the value of his land for that. However, the matter has been discussed with the project manager. Soon Shahnur will be informed of the value of his land.

It should be noted that the length of the dual gauge railway under construction from Akhaura in Brahmanbaria to Nishchintapur in Agartala, India is about 10 and a half kilometers. 

About six and a half kilometers have fallen in the Bangladesh part of this. Indian contractor Texmeco Rail and Engineering Limited is working on the project. The concerned said that 90 percent of the project work has been completed already. This railway will directly connect Bangladesh with Northeast India.

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