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One more dies of COVID19 in Tripura. Highest Single Day Surge 21 Infected In Last 24 Hours

One more person has died of Covid19 infection in Tripura while 21 other new positive cases have been registered in the state in last 24 hours as on Thursday morning. This was the highest number of single-day infection this year. In the last 7 days of this month, a total of 93 people have been infected by COVID19. Currently, there are a total of 87 active COVID19 cases in Tripura. On this day last year, there was only one case of Covid19 in Tripura. So far, 33,575 people have been affected by COVID19 in Tripura while 33,072 people have recovered from the disease. A total of 390 people have died of COVID19 infection in Tripura.

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