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One Woman Escaped: 5 Rohingyas Detained From Dharmanagar

Dharmanagar police arrested five Rohingyas from Dharmanagar railway station under North Tripura District on Friday. 

Three of them are young men and two are young women. All of them have Indian Aadhaar card. 

The arrested identified as Noor Kulima, Mohammad Sah, Rozina Begum, Umrullah and Md Ririan. 

Those who were arrested said that there was another person with them named Ruksar Bibi.

All of them are refugees from the Kutupalan Rohingya camp in Cox Bazar, Bangladesh. 

While they were in Bangladesh, a man named Mohammad Alam from that country sent them to India with Indian Aadhaar card. Each of them entered Agartala by paying Rs 25,000 on May 18 after cutting the fencing through Comilla, Bangladesh. 

After coming to Agartala, Ruksar Bibi escaped. Their intention is to go to Jammu and Kashmir.

They are currently in the custody of Dharmanagar Police Station. 

However, the question has started to arise as to how they makes Indian Aadhaar card. The police believe that a large human trafficking gang is involved behind this. 

But due to the lack of strict monitoring by the administration, the cases of human trafficking are increasing.

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