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ONGC Hires Workers From Outside. Local Blocked Road In Lembuchra

An angry crowd blocked the Khowai Lembchara road on Sunday protesting the ONGC authority’s excavating work with out of state workers, depriving local workers. 

Excavation work initiated by ONGC has started in Sipahi Para ADC Village area of ​​Lembuchra in Sadar North Region. 

In this excavation, ONGC is doing this work with workers from other places instead of employing local workers.

 Local people have become angry with this. They demand that local workers should be hired for work here.

 Raising this demand, the local people blocked the road and gheraoed the ONGC people on Sunday morning and staged a protest.

Their only demand is that the local people should be given a chance for the construction work going on here. 

“It was promised that local labor would be employed in any construction work. But the ONGC authorities did not keep that promise” said the locals.

As a result of the road blockade, the common people have to suffer extreme commuters.

 Because there was a long queue of small and large vehicles on both sides of the road.

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