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Onion, Potato Out Of Essential Commodities List, Prices Rushing To Century In Tripura

Onion and Potato prices rushing to century in Tripura as both the item has been listed out from the Essential Commodity by Government of India. The price rise, which has come at a time of job losses and reduced incomes in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, has forced many poor families to curtail consumption. Worryingly, onion and potato prices are likely to stay firm for indefinite period. Retail prices of commonly-used vegetables have spiked over the past month, with potatoes selling at  ₹70 per kg, onions at ₹ 80 per kg depending, and tomatoes at ₹80-100per kg. Although winter season already entered in the state but veggies prices are unlikely to cool down soon either. Vegetable prices staying high for a long period. even after the end of the festival, the prices of vegetables such as cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, chili, beetroot, okra, and potato have gone up. The price of the vegetables at the retail market has remained high, ranging from Rs 80 to Rs 200, depending on areas. 

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