Open Killing Incident In UP Raising Many Questions

Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were brought to Colvin Hospital in Allahabad on Saturday for a medical checkup. At the same time, three youths fired 22 rounds and killed them. 

Now there is a question in such a way that the Yogi government, which till now was known for maintaining its law and order, has raised a question about it. 

Anyone being murdered in police custody, killed in front of media cameras shows the weakness of law and order. 

The killing of Ateeq Ahmed and Ashraf is quite unfortunate in the sense that in the presence of police arrangements, police squad and even 17-18 policemen, the criminals came on a bike and posing as media personnel, shot them dead from point blank range.


As soon as the firing took place, the policemen ran behind, journalists also ran behind. As seen in the footage, the policemen were forming a circle. The big question is that when the attackers were firing indiscriminately, the police could also have fired. When criminals are being caught and encounters are taking place every day in Uttar Pradesh, the police could have fired at the feet of the attackers during the attack. 

The backs of all the three attackers were towards the policemen. The police could also shoot at their leg. 

If the police killed the attackers on-the-spot, the question would have arisen that the criminals were killed to suppress a larger conspiracy so that further investigation would end as to who they were. 

But this incident raises big questions on law and order. 

The police claim to control crime. The Chief Minister also claims. A lot has happened. A large number of criminals have surrendered. Many criminals have left the state.

But according to the report despite all thes the crime is not stopping. About a month ago, Atiq’s son was seen in the footage of a murder case. Murders are happening, crimes are happening. The manner in which the murder took place in the siege of the police also raises a big question. 

Looking at the celebration on social media after the encounter of Atiq’s son Asad, the question arises as to what kind of society we are building. Are we building a Jungle or Talibani society? 

Criminals have no religion. An audio of Atiq Ahmed was leaked in which allegedly Atiq is threatening and abusing a Muslim builder from Mumbai. Asking for big amount of money. To say that too to a Muslim builder means that there is no caste-religion of the criminal. The religion of a criminal is money and his criminal empire. 

Are we preparing the public’s mindset of the Taliban system on the basis of religion. The way a group is emerging on social media, it is not good for the country, society and religious brotherhood. 

After the murder, slogans of Bulldozer Baba ki Jai Ho are being raised on social media, while Owaisi and Akhilesh Yadav are demanding the dismissal of the government. 

Chandrashekhar Ravan of Bhim Army was giving a statement on a channel about the imposition of President’s rule, indirectly Yogi Adityanath is being pointed out in this matter.

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