Opposition Got Blow Even From The Court: PM In Telangana

PM Modi has once again targeted the opposition parties. He said in his address in Telangana that some political parties had even gone to the Supreme Court and demanded that the central agencies investigating their corruption should be stopped. But they got a blow from the court as well. 

A few days ago, 14 opposition parties, including the Congress, filed a petition in the Supreme Court alleging that there has been an alarming rise in the use of coercive criminal procedures against opposition leaders and other citizens exercising their fundamental right to dissent. This is not right. 

PM Modi also targeted KCR fiercely during his address in Telangana. He said that no cooperation is being received from the state government.

 PM Modi said that the NDA government at the Center considers it its duty to fulfill the dreams of the citizens of Telangana. Telangana is reaping the benefits of the efforts being made to modernize the railways across the country.

The Prime Minister said, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the Russia-Ukraine war, the world is witnessing ups and downs in the economy. India is one of the countries which is investing record amount in infrastructure modernization in these times of uncertainty. In this year’s budget, Rs 10 lakh crore was allocated for the modernization of infrastructure. I am saddened by the non-cooperation of the state government in the projects of the Center. This is affecting the dreams of the people of Telangana.

Prime Minister Modi said in Hyderabad, “I appeal to the state government not to create hurdles in the implementation of development plans being made for the people of Telangana. ‘Nepotism’ and ‘corruption’ are not different. Where there is ‘familyism’, there ‘corruption’ flourishes. A handful of people who promote ‘dynasty’ are exploring the possibility of how they can benefit from the projects started for the people of Telangana. Those who are trying to escape from their corrupt acts are seeking protection from the court, but the court has sent them back with a jolt. ‘Privatism’ is also looting the ration being distributed to the poor people in Telangana. Rapid progress of Telangana is important for the overall development of India”.

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