Opposition Seems To Be Gheraoed The Centre On Hunger Index

In the Global Hunger Index 2023, India has come at 111th position in the global hunger list of 125 countries. 

The condition of the country has become worse by the year 2022, last year India was at 107th position in this index. At the same time, now the opposition seems to be attacking the government. 

Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge took on the central government over India’s ranking at 111th in the Global Hunger Index. 

Taking aim, he said that the government may be ‘allergic’ to the global data; Yes, but according to Indian statistics people are still going hungry.

Congress President posted on India’s rank in the Global Hunger Index was 107th out of 121 countries in 2022, which has reached 111th among 125 countries in 2023.

Raising the question, he said, is it not true that in the last five years 35.5 percent of children of young age are comparatively short in height? This clearly means that their height has not increased with increasing age. Is it not true that 19.3 percent of children in India are weak? 

Mallikarjun Kharge said, “Modi government can also claim that food grains are being distributed to 80 crore Indians, but according to experts, this number is also less than 14 crore. That India is ranked 111th out of 125 countries in the Global Hunger Index 2023, which the government has completely rejected as wrong and malicious. The highest child wasting rate or condition of child malnutrition can also be seen in India in the index released on Thursday.

At the same time, now with India coming at 111th position in the Global Hunger list, opposition seems to be Gheraoed the Central Government.

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