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Outbreak Of African Swine Flu Virus In Khowai Pig Farm Erupts Panic

The Tripura State Animal Resource Development Department is shocked by the outbreak of African swine flu virus in a pig farm of Rabindra Das in Batapura village of East Ramchandraghat under Khowai police station.

The department, in a notification on November 1, has made it clear that all pigs within 10 km of the farm are to be killed, trampled or burnt.

Ever since this notification is published, there is widespread panic among the common people. The police administration and the district animal resources office urgently called a meeting on Thursday at the Deputy Director ARD office of Khowai district.

After this meeting, the slaughtering of all pigs within 10 km begins.

According to the news, Rabindra Das, a resident of Agartala Badharghat, had taken five kani land in East Ramchandraghat Batapura village three years ago. Opened a pig farm.

For the past one and a half months, pigs were constantly dying in this farm. The local people complained verbally to Animal Resource Development Department, local police station, health department and other departments about the matter.

At that time, the Department of Animal Resource Development did not give much importance to the matter.

Meanwhile, the owner of the farm was constantly selling pigs all over the state. A few days ago, under the pressure of the local people, the Animal Resource Development Department sent various tissues of the dead pigs to the Guwahati lab for testing.

The State Department of Animal Resources Development was shocked to receive the report sent from that lab.

The report found that pigs in that farm had African swine flu virus. Which is very dangerous for human body.

State Animal Resource Development, Department received the report on 1 November 2023 Eng. No. F.7/2/FVR/ ARDD/ SDIL/ 2023 / 1503- 1520 issued a notification based on this file no.

This notification is based on animal resources

Based on this notification It is informed by the animal resource development department that sale of pigs or purchase of pork from infected areas is not allowed.

It is alleged that Rabindra Das, the owner of the farm, sold the infected pigs in different parts of the state. Which has become a cause of panic in the entire state.

After the issuance of this notification by the State Animal Resource Development Department, the common people are complaining that Rabindra Das is not suffering much loss as all the pigs in his farm are insured.

But common farmers up to ten kilometers outside this farm have no insurance. Who will compensate them in that case?

The people of Batapura village complained that Rabindra Das, the owner of the farm, sold pigs in different parts of the state even after the pigs were infected for the last one and a half months.

African swine flu virus has also spread to other parts of the state in this way.

In that case, the question has also been raised about what the State Animal Resource Development Department will do with the pigs of the entire state.

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