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‘Outsider Interference’: Biplab Deb Meets BL Santosh

Former Chief Minister of Tripura and present Rajya Sabha MP Biplab Kumar Deb made explosive allegations of outsiders interference and intrusive mentality of some outsiders in the state BJP in a press conference on Sunday.

After his explosive allegations, even Delhi become active.

After the press conference Deb flew to Delhi via Calcutta on the urgent summons of Delhi.

He was also absent in the executive meeting of the Tripura state BJP held in Charilam on the next day.

Perhaps this was the first state BJP organizational meeting in which MP Deb was absent.

There is speculation regarding his absence in the state politics.

Meanwhile, it became more clear on Tuesday that the waters of this explosive allegation and anger of Deb have flowed far.

On Tuesday Deb meets BJP National Organizational Chief Minister BL Santosh in Delhi.

According to the report, the two have discussed various issues for a long time.

It is noteworthy that after almost a year, the party’s national organizational chief minister BL Santosh met with Biplab Deb.

It is needless to say that this meeting is about the anger that has arisen within the party recently. Not only that, this meeting is considered quite significant.

For the past several months everything was not going well within the state BJP party and in the government. Although the matter was not made public till now, recently the dispute became public.

Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections , how will Delhi manage the turmoil created in the Tripura BJP, that’s the million dollar question.

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