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Padma Shri Thanga Darlong Ill. Under Medical Supervision

Padma Shri Thanga Darlong is ill due to old age. The chief medical officer of Unakoti district went to Thanga Darlong’s house in Muruibari village of Kailashahar on the instructions of the chief minister to inquire about his health condition. Treatment has started.

Director of Health Services Dr. Supriya Mallik Chief Medical Officer of Unkoti District Shankha Shubhra Debnath inquired about Padma Shri awardee Thanga Darlong’s health condition.

It has been reported that Rossem player Thanga Darlong has been bedridden due to old age for quite some time .

He is not having food even drinking wayer. Can’t even speak. Thanga Darlong’s current age is 103. Currently staying at his daughter’s house in Muruibari.

District Chief Medical Officer Dr. Sankh Subhra Debnath himself went to Muruibari and inquired about his physical condition and treated him.

Initially Padmashri Thanga Durlong’s sugar test was done. Dr. Shankh Subhra Debnath said that sugar is normal. A pathology technician from the district hospital collected the blood sample.  “After all his medical tests i will again go to the house of Thanga Darlong for treatment” said Dr Debnath.

Doctors are currently monitoring Thanga Darlong’s physical condition 24 hours a day. 

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