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Panic Erupted As Flights Entered Into “No Air Traffic Routes” Of South Tripura

Panic erupted among the common people due to the movement of planes in the sky of Shantirbazar in South Tripura district which is undr ‘no air traffic routes’.

According to the report, due to heavy rain, several flights changed the specific route and came to the sky of Shantirbazar.

This includes an IndiGo and an Air India flight from Kolkata to Agartala. Shantirbazar sky was clear on that time.

The two planes circled the sky of the south Tripura district several times before the rains started on Friday evening.

The Indigo flight could not go towards Agartala from Comilla airspace and ended up in Feni airspace and circled for a long time.

After that, it circled the district along with Shantirbazar and headed towards Agartala. But after failing to go to Agartala by going to Charilam sky, it came back to Shantirbazar sky and returned to Calcutta again through Feni sky.

It is said that the Air India plane managed to land at Agartala airport after circling the sky several times.

There are no air traffic routes within the airspace of Shantirbazar or South Tripura District. So people are terrified by the sound of multiple planes circling in the sky.

Many people came out of the house and started looking at the sky to monitor the movement of the aircrafts.

During this time some international flights also diverted from Agartala route and flew over Shantirbazar.

As a result, people were shocked by the sound of multiple planes flying suddenly.

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