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Panic Erupted As Pigs On Large Scale Entered Tripura Through Tripura Sundari Express

100 pigs entered Tripura through Tripura Sundari Express. ARDD Deputy Director Dr. Rajesh Shyam Das said it is illegal in the state. 

According to the strict orders of the state government, pigs from outside the state cannot enter this state. Because if infected with the disease that exists in pigs outside the state, the pig farms in the state will be destroyed.

“But Tripura Sundari Express arriving from Delhi on Wednesday night has more than 100 pigs entering in the state”.

On receiving the information, ARDD Deputy Director Dr. Radheshyam Das contacted the administrative officials and contacted the RPF. 

But due to lack of time at hand, pigs could not be kept in Dharmanagar. He said that after going to Agartala, legal action will be taken against the accused who brought this pig. 

Pig breeding from outside the state is completely prohibited here as per the directives of the state government. 

But the experience of pigs coming by rail was not known before. This is the first time pigs entered the state by rail. 

According to government rules, there is now a rule to push back any pigs from outside the state. 

Meanwhile, those who are running pig farms by taking government loans are panicked by the entry of pigs into the state.

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