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Panic Erupted During Tipra Motha’s Deputation In Lefunga

Tipra Matha created panic at Lefunga block area in the name of democratic programme. The supporters of Matha activists clashed with the police.  Police barricade was broken. 

According to the report Motha activist supporters had to place deputation to the BDO of the block with 5 point demands. When a certain number of workers were asked to go and place deputation to the BDO, there started a clash between Motha workers and the police.

Police tried to bring the situation under control in front of the block with barricades. But the agitated workers allegedly broke the barricade and went on a rampage. 

The police tried to save themselves by putting the paramilitary force in front. The police were not seen to take any kind of strict action . People slowly started leaving the shops in the area. Shops were closed. 

The workers of the block panicked and took shelter in the safe place of the block. 

Notably Tipra Motha is the main opposition party in the state. It is normal to stage protest on issues related to people’s interests. But where the movement of Tipra Motha is concerned, there is an opinion that the intention of disorder is being observed. Government property is being destroyed. 

In the name of movement, some activists and supporters of the party are creating a heated situation in the villages and plains. The main opposition party in the state is sitting on the seat and the peace harmony is watered down like this It is not known how reasonable it is to give. But such exuberance of the newly born party is gradually losing the party’s charm.

 Common people do not generally accept this. Peace and harmony are essential before fulfilling fundamental rights.

The police had somehow manage To bring the situation under control. In the last few months, such behavior has been shown in various places by Motha activist supporters. Which is generally wrong. 

At any time in such a radical movement, major unpleasant incident can happen. 

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