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Paona Brajabasi Remembered On His 132nd Death Anniversary

Khanjam Day is celebrated on the occasion of the 132nd Death Anniversary of martyr Paona Brajabasi, by Puthiba Welfare and Cultural Society and with the support of Paona Brajavasi Foundation in Agartala. 

While fighting against the British, Paona Brajabasi was martyred on the banks of Khongjam river.

This brave martyr saved India’s sense of unity with his blood. This day is celebrated by the Manipuri community to inspire the next generation of youth.

Minister Shukla Charan Noyatia, and others paid homage to the bust of martyr Paona Brajabasi at Puthiba Temple in Abhoy Nagar, Agartala.

“People remember those who struggle for the existence of every society, nation for a long time The contribution of Brajvasi to the Manipuri community cannot be forgotten” said Minister Shukla Charan Noatia. He also urged the next generation to respect them in the same way.

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