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Parliament Moves To New Building: Expand The Canvas Of Thinking For A Grand India- Said PM

Before bidding farewell to the old Parliament on Tuesday, Prime Minister Modi gave a speech. Prime Minister Modi said many important things in his speech in the historic Central Hall. 

MPs from both the houses were present in the Central Hall. Addressing all the MPs, Prime Minister Modi said:

“Today in the new Parliament House, we all are going to worship Shri Ganesh of the new future”

“Today we are here reiterating the resolve of a developed India, once again getting determined and moving towards the new building with the intention of working whole-heartedly to fulfill it.”

Let us know which he said during his speech. The most important things said

First of all, Prime Minister Modi wished the countrymen a happy Ganesh Chaturthi. He said that the new Parliament House is the beginning of a new future.

Prime Minister Modi said that more than 4,000 laws have been passed in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

This Parliament gives resolutions and also inspires. Jammu and Kashmir is committed to moving forward.

Told from the Red Fort that this is the time, this is the right time. India is filled with new energy. Whatever direction the country moves, the desired results will be achieved. The world is confident that India will reach the top 3.We have got the opportunity to fulfill our responsibilities. 

India’s aspirations are better than in the last thousand years.Whatever reform we do, aspirations should be at the top. 

Expand the canvas of thinking for a grand India.We have 75 years of experience. 

We have a huge heritage. Will have to work on a larger canvas.India will have to become self-reliant. A model with zero defect and zero effect will have to be brought.Walking with the intention of exceeding global standards. 

The education world has got a new education policy.The country is becoming famous from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities. 

The tricolor will have to be hoisted on every podium of the game.India has the largest youth population in the world. Working in chip manufacturing. Knowledge, innovation is the need of the hour. A law on research and innovation has also been passed.

There is a need for social justice in the national system. What is needed is holistic development, not unbalanced development. We have to move forward in favor of all-round development. We are moving forward with the policy of Vishwamitra.

We are making friends with the world. The world is searching for its friendship in us.In future it should be known as Constituent Assembly. This will add to the memory of the great men who once sat here.

Best wishes to all for the new house.

After this PM Modi reached the new Parliament building from the old Parliament building.

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