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Part Of Conspiracy To Create Communal Riot In Entire Country: Sudip Barman On ‘Hijab” Incident

Tripura Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman reacts over the hijab incident in a press conference organized at the Pradesh Congress Bhavan on Saturday.

“The incident that took place in the Karaimura HS School in Bishalgarh is nothing but the follow up of the intention of the government which is trying to create communal riots in the whole country. And this effort of their is established all over the country” Said Barman.

“Our demand is to identify and arrest all those involved in the Karimura school incident to prevent the government’s conspiracy and political benefit looters while maintaining communal harmony between two communities” he added.

Speaking in the press conference Congress MLA Sudip Roy Barman also said:

“Electricity corporation is selling electricity outside the state pushing the people of the state during summer. People’s lives are ruined by it. There is no place to say these words”

“Dengue and malaria diseases have spread throughout the state. The patient’s family has to buy even a bandage and cotton in the hospital. Specialist doctors are not available in the hospitals after five o’clock in the afternoon”

“The hospital are run by inpatient boys and girls. There is no doctor in the hospital. Without treatment, the patient dies. No one is looking for it. Even the peace of the crematorium has stopped. But there is none to take action. However, the purpose of bringing up these words in the press conference is to wake up the sleeping government. Although these issues are being brought up everywhere inside and outside the assembly so that the government think on these issues to take measures to solve the problems of the people” 

“The education system is collapsed . No work, no food, People are confused. Where is the government? There is no one to listen to these words. Therefore, development is not achieved only by creating tourism hubs and decorating ponds”

“The main aim of Congress is to overthrow the fascist government from the country in the next 24 Lok Sabha elections.”

“Thus the people of the country can get respite from lack of employment, conspiracy of communal riots and high price of daily essentials.”

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