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Pending Bill Of Several Consumers: Entire Village Suffering For No Power Since Last 2 Months In Ampi

Entire village suffering without electricity for two months. The incident happened in Damura Para area of ​​Palku ADC Village of Ampi Block under Gomati District of Tripura.

Hundreds of families in the village suffering due to no electricity.

According to the details of the incident, Dakmura Para of Palku ADC Village under Ampi Block of Amarpur subdivision has been without electricity for the past two months. There are hundreds of families in the village.

The villagers alleged that the problem was not solved even though the local electricity department office located in Ampi was contacted several times by the villagers.

The problem has also been reported to Palku ADC village office. But nothing worked. Everyone in the village from children to the elderly are facing serious problems due to lack of electricity.

Allegedly, some families of the village have not paid the electricity bill, so the electricity department has taken away the transmitter of the village.

As a result, the Kaipeng-speaking Damura Para have been spending the night in darkness for the past two months.

Villagers have been informed by the office that electricity connection will not be provided to the village if the electricity bill is not settled.

“Why such inhuman decision? Why the entire village is suffering only for few defaulters?” asked the villagers.

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