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People Are Hungry In Amritkal: CPIM Tripura Secretary

A public meeting was called in front of CPIM Kamalpur Locak Committee office on Wednesday.

Speaking in the meeting CPIM Tripura Secretary Jitendra Choudhury said:

Sale of PRTC is going on in the state. Outsiders are taking advantage. Where is the list of successful candidates of JRBT? There has been a corruption worth crores of rupees in the purchase of ration bags . Complaints have been made. But the government has no say. Tripura is number one in drug trade and consumption. The same is the case with violence against women. But the ruling party of the state dealing with dream.

The state secretary said, there are still twenty five thousand vacancies in the state. Fifteen thousand normal vacancies. Ten thousand dismissed teachers. But where is the recruitment?

Why the list is not being published of those who have succeeded in JRBT .

Corruption has also taken place in the purchase of nine lakh bags of the food department. I asked for the info, still haven’t received it.

Prime Minister said that Amritkal has come to the country. But people are hungry in Amritkal. Inflation and unemployment ravaged the country

Sixty crores of the total population of the country are under the age of sixty. Most of them are unemployed. BJP has promises but no implementation. The unemployed were told that there would be jobs in every house. Workers’ wages will be doubled, tripled, it’s all fake.

The state is plunged into financial crisis. The path to survive is nothing but movement.

During the meeting, a group of BJP supporters marched and gathered at a short distance from the venue. But the security personnel stopped them.

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