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People Of Tripura Not No Get Distracted Any More: TMC Over PM’s Visit

After CPIM and Congress now Trinamool Congress also criticized the PM Modi’s Tripura visit.

Speaking in a press conference here in Agartala at TMC Headquarters, party president Pijush Kanti Biswas said:

“Before of the Prime Minister’s visit to the state on Sunday, people were expecting from him to give assurances to get rid of the intolerable conditions of the people of the state. But it has been seen that he has spent crores of government fund by coming to Swami Vivekananda Maidan and participating in the public meeting and somehow completed the election meeting. But the Prime Minister could not announce anything for the welfare of the people of the state. He has repeatedly brought up old projects from the public meeting to mislead people. The people of the state are extremely disappointed after seeing the public meeting of the Prime Minister.


“The Prime Minister understands that there is no possibility of BJP forming the government in the upcoming assembly elections. So Narendra Modi has tried to influence people by visiting the state by spending crores of rupees from the government treasury. The government has used the money that is for the welfare of the people for party work. For this, the District Magistrate and Subdivisional Magistrate have brought everyone to work. BJP leaders have warned the beneficiaries that they will be denied government benefits if they do not attend the Prime Minister’s meeting”

“The prime minister’s state visit came on the eve of the elections without fulfilling any of the promises he made to the people during his state visit in 2018. This visit has proved that the prime minister has a habit of telling lies. On this day, when people were returning home from the meeting of the Prime Minister, they were saying that nothing was said for the poor people. Wages not increased in REGA work, Missed call jobs are not fulfilled. So it is strongly condemned by the Trinamool Congress”

“The people of the state not to get distracted after the Prime Minister’s visit. Because the BJP government has only cheated the people of the state. If BJP thinks it can deceive people like this then it is thinking wrong. People are ready to defeat the BGB government”

Regarding the ADC area, Piyush Kanti Biswas said that there is no work and no food in the Janjati area. ADC does not have money to pay government employees. As a result, the demands of the people of the Janjati section and the demand for a separate state have intensified during the tenure of this BJP government. Greater Tipraland was not claimed earlier. The prime minister did not say anything for the development of the people from the public meeting. And the people of the Janjati section boycotted the meeting of the Prime Minister after understanding it beforehand. It is an expression of hatred and anger. 

He said that in the coming days Trinamool Congress will start a movement with various demands for the sake of the people of the state. 

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