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People Suffering Due To Wild Elephant Attack: Several Houses, Paddy Damaged In Teliamura

Several houses in Krishnapur village of Teliamura have been severely damaged due to the wild elephant attack. 

According to the details of the incident, a group of wild elephants attacked Krishnapur village of Teliamura late night.

A group of 7 wild elephants destroyed several houses in a row. Due to the incident, in the mid of the night, there was intense panic in the surrounding areas including Krishnapur village.

A group of wild elephants broke into a house and smashed various items. It has been reported that a lot of crops have been destroyed.

The local people organized to chase away the wild elephants. Attempts were made to chase away the wild elephants by setting fire to them.

Upon receiving the information of the wild elephant violence, the staff of the forest department rushed there.

Eventually a herd of wild elephants fled the area. On Friday, the administration officials rushed to the central Krishnapur area after receiving the information of wild elephant violence.

Damage assessment work have done by the administration. Initiatives have been taken by the government to provide emergency financial assistance to the affected families.

 Note that wild elephants are constantly descending from the Atharamura hills to the plains, vandalizing people’s homes and destroying crops. 

Not only that, the wild elephants are destroying the farmers by eating up to the paddy.

In the last few years, several people have lost their lives due to wild elephant attack.

Many people have been injured by wild elephants. Incidents of crop loss have become a daily occurrence. 

But chasing wild elephants has become quite difficult

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