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Picnic Party Attacked In Neermahal

Youths who went for a picnic in Neeramhal were beaten up by local miscreants. Four people were injured. They are all from Bisramganj. 

The incident started with turning up the volume on the sound box. 20 to 22 people from Bisramganj went Neeramhal for picnic.

But after arriving at the picnic spot, Raju Das and Krishna Das of Melaghar Debinagar started attacking the picnickers.

Because the sound of the box of the people from Bisramganj has been increased. So they started punch, kick with rods. 

In this incident four injured people who came to the picnic from Bisramganj were taken by the police to the Melaghar hospital. 

Among them, Prasenjit Debnath of Bisramganj was referred to Agartala GB from Melaghar Hospital whose condition worsened. 

The other three are Sanjit Debnath, Dilip Debnath, Bhabatosh Debnath is undergoing treatment at Melaghar Hospital. 

A panic has been created centering this incident. These miscreants of Melaghar have attacked many picnickers in Neermahal in the past days as well. 

A case has been filed at the Melaghar police station on behalf of the injured youth’s family. But in Neeramhal, such attacks and extortion are being organized regularly. 

Melaghar police station allegedly knows everything about such incident but is not taking action against any anti-socialist. 

Due to which day by day tourists are reducing their visit to Neeramhal. Not only that, even tourists from out of state do not feel safe coming here. Which is one of the stigmas for the tourist center.

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